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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Topless men seen today in Dartford: 2
Topless men seen today in Farningham: 1

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Ooh, you were in Dartford today? That's where I am :)

I was visiting the centre of joblessness. Dartford was busy, but more buildings looked abandoned than when I was last there. Swanley wins my favourite example of urban decay this week though, as I saw the gloriously abandoned Deja Vu nightclub from the top of a rail replacement double-decker bus.

I saw one topless man in Oxford Street. It was an old guy looking into the rubbish bins and picking things out of them.

No topless women, alas. Alas, the cultural taboos.

Maybe the old guy was looking for clothes in the rubbish bins? The man in Farningham may have been carrying a fishing rod, or may just have been with a crowd of people, some of whom were carrying fishing rods. The men in Dartford were mostly just wandering around shopping centres, so not even in the sun.

Topless women in Manchester: 0


Perhaps move somewhere warmer?

Warmer than Manchester? Surely you jest!

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