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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Look In

News from Look In!, 16th February 1991:

'New Kids on the Block
Beats International
Rebel MC

What have they got in common?

They've all made use of the Atari ST system in creating hit singles. As most musicians will tell you, it's a lot more than just a games machine. Linked up with a synthesiser or keyboard (through a little gadget known as a midi port) the ST is capable of making pretty weird sounds.'

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Back on the day, "MIDI ports" was all you had to say to start fights with Amiga users..

I still want to argue about it somehow.

I remember going out and buying a MIDI adapter, purely so Atari ST owners could stop lauding theirs over me. After hooking them up once to see how MIDI worked, I never used them again.

true, but amigas were still superior in every way. :) Well, maybe every other way.

The ST had a (slightly) faster CPU and had a way better version of Dungeon Master. Also having an ST meant you were a better programmer because you had to do scrolling with the ingenuity and POWER OF YOUR MIND instead of wussing out and using customchips like they did on the amiga, which was RUBBISH.

I remember Amiga Lemmings have far superior sound to ST Lemmings.

Also, weren't Amiga boxes used for serious rendering? The CGI for Babylon 5, I'm sure, was done on Amigas.

Haha, yes!

That makes me simultaneously nostalgic and hungry. Like 'Marathon bars'.

Haha, I remember that. The Amiga pwned the ST in terms of graphics, which made it more of a games (and render) machine while the ST had more "serious" applications.

I just gave my old Look In! annual 1989 to Oxfam. It had features on Five Star, Debbie Gibson, Timmy Mallett and ALF. And a Knight Rider comic.

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