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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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I'm trying hard to work out what it is.
Nice colours,though

I'm not entirely sure what it is either! It is some kind of slimy scum that had appeared on top of some water inside a large glass bottle in the garden, but I thought it looked interesting. :)

Ah,then,if the bottle had some kind of food or drink in it maybe it's mould mixed with water?

I think it's Lego that's been cross-bred with Cthulhu. :)

It may well be some kind of mould or algae. The bottle is a carboy, and is pretty large, and has had sticks poked in the top. Inside the carboy, it looks almost like red leaves growing, and looks quite disgusting!

It looks like algae of some sort but I'm curious as to where the red's coming from... the lighting?

Yeah, I think it's probably some kind of mould or algae. There are sort of red leaf type things growing in it that wobble when I shake it!

it looks like it's going to grow a pair of eyes soon. scary!!

Am I imagining that I can make out frogs' faces in that?

If that is what your inside looks like I recommend medical consultation

You could present it at the Royal Academy's summer art thingy..

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