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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Colours from 20 years ago

Colours from 20 years ago
Beechnut, Brownstone, Tupelo, Bambi, Cappuchino, Whitby Brown, Rembrandt Brown, Lignite.
Milestone, Milk Chocolate, Bitter Briar, Sequoia, Coffee Bean, Black Russian, Cherrywood.
Risa, Adobe Brown, Grand Canyon, Zebra Agate, Tanglewood, Sealskin, Mahogany, Nighthawk.
Moonlight 'N Roses, Velvet Plum, Persian Orchid, Antique Rose, Foxglove, Melodrama, Alexandria, Cranberry Whip.
Gypsy Rose, Jasper, Feldspar, Rose Quartz, Moulin Rouge, Cherry Whirl, Essex Pink, Brickwork.
Hacienda Orange, Casino, Cargo Orange.
Buttercup, Cornsilk, Daffodil Yellow, Spectra Yellow, Spring, Popcorn Yellow.
Hastings Green, Rain Forest, Ponderosa Pine.
Blue Boy, Star Sapphire, Crater Lake, Starry Host.
Opal White, Avalanche, Alpenglow, Winter Ice, Amethyst Frost, Shark White, Eminence, Moonstone, Pocahontas, Mountain Mist, Heather Frost, Lilac Bisque.
Diana, Wisteria, Turkish Plum, Evening Iris, Kraken, Victoria Grey.

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I thought you were slipping one fake one into every line, there, but no. How green is Hastings? What colour is a kraken?

They are all real shades of paint by Crown. Or at least, were 20 years ago.

Hastings Green is a brighter shade of green than Rain Forest or Ponderosa Pine. Unfortunately, Canary Green is missing, so I cannot compare how green Hastings Green is compared to Canary Green.

Kraken is a grey-purple kind of colour. More lilacy than Victoria Grey, and lighter than Evening Iris.

Oh, those are sooooo 20 years ago. Fashion police, hellooo!

What colour are walls painted now, in 2010? Magnolia and nothing but magnolia?

I painted one of my walls with "swanky".

Haha, 'Essex Pink'. What a great description!

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