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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Canvey Island

The Essex coast is not one I visit frequently, but on Saturday, along with the Shabby Seaside Appreciation Society, I visited Canvey Island, which was fascinating, even in the rain. I saw the pajama-clad inhabitants of the island, a giant silver bee, abandoned sandals cloaked in seaweed, graffiti ('Canvey is the new Lourdes', 'Your Irish master is dead', 'Are your kids white rastas', 'I don't have check-ups or examinations'), abandoned paddling pools, a creepy Humpty Dumpty, a crazy golf rocket, power stations and rape fields on the other side of the water, lots of seaweed, amusements, a fairground, and other places of interest. mondoagogo has written a good description of the trip: Canvey Fantasy. The photos I took are on Flickr: Canvey Island.

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Prinknash Abbey in Gloucester was founded after Franciscan Monks moved from their previous Monastery on Canvey Island. Is that Monstery still there?

I didn't notice a monastery there, but perhaps there still is?

サウナやlocker room以外は無料。

5月中に六本木のGrand Hyattに予約を入れる。

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