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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Jacob Von Hogflume
The Bath Music Festival started on Friday with school children holding up pictures of people, or perhaps, monsters as they paraded through the streets and into the abbey. Music began to fill the air in Bath, and I heard drumming on the streets, rapping on balconies, singing, and eventually that night, fireworks. The Bath Fringe Festival, which included the Fringe Arts Bath was also happening, and I began to see plaques indicating where the inventor of time travel had lived, and started collecting the art fridge magnets that were scattered around Bath. There were many exhibitions to see on Friday evening, such as Falling Fooling (which also involved the "Private Joke" (with bananas) performance), and the nearby First Impressions photographs, various art around Milsom Place (Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, FAB curated show, and Citizen Skwith's pigeons and aliens in various places). Saturday, we got our art fix by visiting Vulpes Vulpes at the Walcot Chapel, and then bought Bath buns to eat before following an MP3 tour that we downloaded. The The Misery of Crowds tour told us about the many horrors of Bath - carnivorous albino pigs that live beneath the streets, much filth, cannibals, etc. We collected even more fridge magnets and then saw Passenger, at Green Park station, the coolest bit of which was when it became more interactive and we were able to walk underneath the former station's arches.

The weekend also involved raspberry cider at the Raven, Hell's Bells cider at the Star Inn, a walk by the canal, watching Linklater's Me and Orson Welles, a BBQ and karaoke, and staying up late playing Pocket Tanks.