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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Adam and I spent part of the weekend watching a fictional island, and at night, I would continue to dream about the island. We wanted to wander along beaches, through the jungle, and away from wild boar and polar bears, but instead settled for a walk to the orchards. We tried two varieties of apples, but our apple identification skills are not very good, so we're not sure what exactly they were, and we also ate a few blackberries. After that, we followed the river, past the hollowed out tree, and onwards, on paths I've never walked before, jumping over streams, and across little bridges, and over the golf course. We ended up by the Cowley Marsh Nature Reserve and then wandered to Cowley Road.

I had a guide book which said to go to a particular house on Magdalen Road, so we walked there, past the Inner bookshop and the Magic Café, and past the Rusty Bicycle hanging up as a pub sign, and next to a Buddhist centre with prayer flags, which was next to a church, was the house we were looking for. A man asked if we were looking for a house a few doors down, but we weren't, we were standing in front of the one we were looking for. The garden was a bit overgrown, and there were a few flags, but not much to see really. The guidebook then suggested a particular house on Henley Road. This one was even more disappointing. There was no Lynchian nightmare, just a normal looking house with a gravel filled garden behind a fence. No little castles with doll's heads or owls in the turrets.

We began to head back to the Cowley Road and noticed the Paddington Bear "Migration is not a crime" stencil art on Hurst Road. On Cowley Road itself, we came across giant keyholes on street furniture, but not the key to open the street furniture. There were posters that said "Taste my eyes". I ate green tea ice-cream from George & Delilah's.

We continued into the city centre and braved the hordes of tourists and reached the bookshops. We flicked through a first words in Mandarin book and tried saying the word for "penguin".

After that, it was back to the fictional island again, and once we'd left that fictional island, finished the series, we walked down the sunken pathway that is Cuckoo Lane and followed the road for a while, eating tiny wild strawberries on the way, until we got to a busy main road, and then across that road, and over a stile, and were in a field. It was noisy due to the traffic, and due to the pylons, but it was full of corn. Adam spotted some deer, and little frogs jumped across the path, and a peacock butterfly landed on the back of my leg.