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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Bank holiday in Bath

Saw a lion made of plants; drank moonshine at a rock pub; walked up hills to get good views of Bath; saw a sham castle; snuck in to the computer science department and read old issues of Wired and drank coffee; saw a sign that said "SLEEP" and had an arrow; saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World at the cinema; wondered how to be more cool; played Scorched Tanks; ate chilli; saw a large mushroom that looked almost rusty; photographed a scarecrow; tried to decipher ghost signs; wandered along the canal; ate blackberry ice-cream; played Carcassonne; saw hot air balloons being launched; wandered briefly into the botanic garden; saw a tree carved to look like a man.

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Wow, I didn't know computers still existed that would run Scorched Tanks (Scorched Earth in my version, probably a ripoff) but I'm glad they do, I wasted a lot of 1998 playing that on what even then was a pretty obsolete PC.

Scorched Tanks was an Amiga game and seems to run fine using UAE on Windows. Had some problems with the sound though when running it using E-UAE on Ubuntu.

Pocket Tanks is not quite as good as Scorched Tanks, but still fun, and runs okay on Windows, but didn't seem to run under Wine on Ubuntu.

Also: failed to meet up with me.

Yes. Game of Scorched Tanks?

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