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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Abbeys, geeks, unicorns

Tuesday, Nava and I walked to Port Meadow and walked through the mud, photographing horses, cows, Canadian geese, fallen trees, and a ruined abbey.

Wednesday, I went to the pre-launch of the Oxford Girl Geek Dinners and drank an elderflower and mint cocktail at Café Coco and met girl geeks (and boy geeks), and then went to the Jam Factory with some boy geeks.

On Saturday, I walked to the town centre, through Cuckoo Lane, and past where Joe Pullens' tree once stood, and then down through Headington Hill Park, and past the water pistol stencil art in St Clements, and onwards, over Magdalen Bridge, and down Deadman's Walk, where bodies were once carried to the Jewish cemetery, and I saw the plaque there for the first English aeronaut, James Sadler. I looked briefly inside the very crowded Alice's Shop, and then found myself at Turn Again Lane, and then Penny Farthing Place. I ate some sushi, and then visited the O3 art gallery after that and saw paintings of people based on photographs, but made somehow more pink. (Summer Show by Rona.)

On Sunday, I began to explore the University Parks and saw the Tree of Heaven and the Genetic Garden. I also read some of Mountain Man Dance Moves: the McSweeney's Book of Lists in Waterstones, which always amuses me, especially the lists related to unicorns.

I drank coffee with five other women wearing glasses, at a meet up for theladiesloos meet. When the meeting dispersed, I briefly visited the Ashmolean Museum and couldn't find Guy Fawkes' lantern, but I did find an octopus netsuke.

(This was a few weeks ago now, but I am trying to post more, so have posted it anyway.)

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You make me want to wander in Oxford, like I did years ago when I first arrived.

It was a fun meet. Hope we do it again.

Any suggestions of places to wander to?

I started looking at the geocaches that are located in Oxford and might wander to those as a way of exploring more.

I hope there are more meets also!

Not really, sounds like you have it all covered. I like mooching down the Mesopotamia, between Marston Road and University Parks.

I really need to investigate this geocaching lark.

I attempted Mesopotamia, but it was disappointingly closed, so I had to take a detour. Will check if it has reopened though, thanks for reminding me!

I quite like taking the stiles off major roads and walking along the waterways.

There's one I haven't explored that's just off Donnington Bridge thats probably the closest to you. I find the experience of being on a major road and then suddenly in woodland or a deserted horsepath fun and interesting.

Is that Iffley? I haven't been there at all yet.

I found that I could get to fields quite quickly from where I live by crossing the northern bypass (A40), which was definitely that kind of experience of being on a major road and then in a deserted field! Well, not really deserted, as there were frogs, butterflies, etc, and eventually tractors.

(Would be good to catch up with you again sometime.. we could wander! or drink coffee/beer. :) )

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