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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Budavári Labirintus

Budavári Labirintus
The rain started as I walked past the Budapest Hilton ("a heady mix of Baroque, Gothic and 20th-century tinted chic" according to one guidebook), and past a Red Hedgehog sign, so I decided to hide underground in the nearby labyrinth (Budavári Labirintus).

The prehistoric labyrinth, with strange cave paintings and darkness. Groups of teenagers, laughing. The historical labyrinth, with a shaman passage and the path of the magic deer. Atmospheric music. Odd statues. Crosses hiding in the darkness behind chains. A horse and rider that was part of the cave, merged into a pillar. Renaissance rockhall. An ivy-covered fountain with red wine pouring out. Curtains made of chains. Feeling like Indiana Jones. A large crowned head, broken, submerged.

The labyrinth of an other-world was the next section, with fragments, bits of rock, with strange imprints. Some looked a little bit like a mobile phone. I thought that was a bit strange. Then I stumbled across the imprint of a giant cola bottle and smiled. Homo Consumes. A sign explained things, such as "The vociferous prophets of an apocalypse only conceal the problem, since the end, the end of a world will not come overtly, with thundering and announcement. Nothing will invisibly snatch our world and being as a sneak-in thief."

There were contraceptive pills and door bells and other precious objects in frosted glass cases, with little signs underneath. Relics of our time. There were more objects mounted on the walls, and a pile of abandoned objects behind bars - typewriters, electric toothbrushes, random things.

After that, there was an exhibition of other labyrinths, and then I was back in daylight, confused at where I was, lost.

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What a weird place - was the wine quaffable?

Ah, Eerie, Indiana - whatever happened to that? I liked it.

There was a sign that said "do not drink", but it was kind of hidden and lots of people were drinking it.

Eerie, Indiana - well, they made a sequel: "Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension." I never really got into that though. Apparently there are books though! Maybe I shall see if I can get hold of any.

I'm not surprised really. Seems a shame though.

Ah, I didn't know about the sequel. I'll have to try and find it - the books too. It was fun!

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