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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Port Melbourne


I wandered with the Danube beside me, until I reached the park, where I sat briefly looking at the Queen Erzsébet monument. I continued after that, underneath the Gellért Monument, looking up at the waterfall and the statue much higher above. I saw beautiful, yet crumbling and boarded up buildings, intricately decorated ceilings and street furniture that resembled a large die.

I reached the Gellért Baths after that, and then, the Cave Church. An interesting church carved into the rocks, originally founded by monks, who were later arrested by the secret police. I went inside and listened to to an audio tour, which talked about the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Back outside, I walked up the hills until I reached the Liberation Monument and then the citadel. Such great views of the city from up there.

Then back down and in a park, I met Buda and Pest, before reaching the Garden of Philosophy, where I was disappointed not to meet Sartre, Descartes or Plato, but instead met Jézus Krisztus, Buddha and Gandhi.

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It's interesting that they would consider Jesus, Buddha, and Gandhi philosophers when they were more religious or sociopolitical revolutionaries, but not even mention the usual philosophers..

Apparently there are three sets: one in Japan, one in the US and one in Hungary.

More details:
Nándor Wagner

Unapplied philosophy is not worth a thing!

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