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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Memento Park

I took a bus to what felt like the middle of nowhere and saw the abandoned statues at Memento Park. The rain poured down that day and the park felt like a pond, as I jumped from stepping stone to stepping stone. The statues were left over from the Communist era and were once in prominent places, but now they are just together at the park. I was surprised at the size of the statues, just how forceful they seemed, even in the miserable weather.

Glad to get out of the rain, I wandered around the exhibition space and read about the park, before I watched some exciting instruction videos from the secret police, on things like how to stalk people and break into people's houses. They were full of valuable advice, such as using a magnifying glass to check for any hairs that may have been placed in a door hinge by the suspect
and make sure they are replaced, so they do not know you have been in their house.

Found a Fortean Times article which describes some of the sights I saw: Budapest, Hungary.

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As you watched that video, you were standing in my footprint.

Reminds me of a Bright Eyes song: "So will you look for me in that strange, bright place / Where the statues bloom in the park? / They don't need no rain."

I would have loved to see those videos. Valuable information there.

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