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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Port Melbourne

Stone circles, mazes, rainbows

My mum visited at the weekend, so I made a chocolate and orange cake, and then we visited bits of the Cotswolds.

We first headed to Chipping Norton, where we gazed at the old Bliss Tweed Mill, before we headed onwards to the Rollright Stones.

My mum and I walked around The King's Men, examining the lichen and the texture of the stones that had been weathered over the years, looking into the holes in the stones. We stood in the middle of the stone circle and found a phone number, with a name next to it: "Meghan". My mum was convinced that the stones were changing shape and that sometimes one looked like a pig, but we did not call Meghan to ask her.

We walked on from there to another part of the Rollright Stones: the Whispering Knights. These were part of a burial chamber. The knights were turned to stoneby a witch who heard them conspiring against the king. The last stone we saw was the King Stone, a solitary crooked stone.

A folly was our next stop. We climbed Broadway tower and saw the good views of so many different counties. Apparently, they used to bathe on the roof.

We drove through Moreton-in-Marsh and other such places and then ended up in Bourton-on-the-Water. We crossed rivers and then headed to the Dragonfly Maze. The maze was designed by Kit Williams, who designed that book where you had to find the hare - Masquerade, but in this maze, you had to find the golden dragonfly by solving the clues.

After finding the golden dragonfly, we escaped the maze and headed back to the car, which was just when the rain started. As we drove back to Oxford, a gorgeous rainbow appeared, stretching across the fields.

Sunday, we went to Harcourt Arboretum and looked at the bright red acers. Then back to Oxford and into the centre, for a bit of shopping, and then a walk back past Parson's Pleasure and along Mesopotamia Walk and then Cuckoo Lane, and then more chocolate cake.

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Ooh, I haven't been there for years! You took me right back with you...

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