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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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The bus-stop of seduction, the meeting of a mouse and German rubbish

Another NaNoWriMo meet, another piece of street furniture trying to seduce me.

This time it was a bus stop. "Would you like me to seduce you?" the bus-stop said.

I wandered through Headington Hill Park after that and there was a cute little mouse scurrying by my feet. It stopped and stared at me and I at it, but it looked as if it had been injured. I hope I did not scare it.

I saw art yesterday as well. Random bits of rubbish with German writing on. There were steps to climb, and then a gallery attendant who told you off when you got to the top.

I was given some NaNoWriMo stickers. One with an octopus with a pencil, disappearing behind the waves. The other had a monkey swinging from a tree. No magical pen of wonder this year though.

Word count: 12824

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There's a guy in the Nanowrimo Dublin bunch who's obsessed with fighting people to the death. He said he'd fight anyone to the death who chose the monkey over the octopus (we only got one each). I'm not convinced that it is plausible to engage in mortal combat over this decision.

Odd! I do like the octopus better than the monkey, but am not going to fight anyone about it.

Indeed. I took the octopus as well, but I love my monkey-choosing brothers and sisters equally. I favour a world where monkeys and octopuses can stand paw-in-tentacle, free from the threats of fatal duels.

I remember going through a spell where I fell in love with certain objects. Like Mansard roofs, mailboxes, and traffic lights. I just thought what they were were beautiful. I think I was lonely and lived too far inside my own head. I feel like that's still true, but I haven't fallen in love with objects since then.

Mine is 12,132.

I know that feeling! I used to fall in love with traffic lights, oily puddles, Diet Coke, and goodness knows what else. I should see if I can find anything I wrote about them. What are Mansard roofs?

I haven't fallen in love with any inanimate objects lately either.

What is your novel about?

Oily puddles are pretty! I like regular puddles too, especially when they're very still and reflective.

I'm awful at explaining, so: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mansard_roof

It originally started out as three vaguely related storylines, one about a girl in the early 1900's who falls in love and runs away with a Faun, another about a girl in the modern era, who is the first girl's descendant, who runs away from home and becomes a vagrant wandering around the country, a third about the same girl in the future falling in love with a guy who turns out to only be an idea. But I'm forcing it to come together slowly, so it'll be more of a history of the entire family, all of their lives defined unknowingly by a Faerie curse the very first girl accidentally brings on her descendants.


Sounds interesting. :)

Mine is a bit less coherent. It's set in a city where it is really windy, then there's a few robots, airships, a pontianak, a mysterious great grandmother, a brief scene with super powers that have never been seen since, plastic windmills with secret cameras in them, and hmm, I'm not sure what else. The main characters are currently at some kind of antiques market.

Maybe that should be "very incoherent". :) No idea how I've managed to write 30,000 words of it so far really!

I like it! Sounds like something I would write. I tried to make mine as coherent as I could, but that meant cutting out old parts that didn't fit. :/ There's still a part that's basically Erwin Schrodinger fanfic, except he's a failed prostitute who has a time machine in his kitchen, and eventually disappears into it. Ruins the continuity of the fantasy element, but it was too good to cut.

What is a pontianak?

Sounds like it was fun to write at least? :)

A Pontianak is a type of vampire in Malay folklore - "Pontianak are women who died during childbirth and became undead, seeking revenge and terrorizing villages."

Edited at 2010-12-07 10:44 am (UTC)

Maybe a little too much fun, haha. :p

That's cool; I didn't know the Malay had vampires in their folklore. What exactly are they seeking revenge on, how the world made them women and thus able to die from childbirth? If so, it sounds like something I would do if I became undead after dying of childbirth - and were angrier.

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