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The Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism
On my way to work, I stared up at the rooftops, trying to spot a Mansard roof, after ixamxfe_y mentioned them. The sun hurt my eyes, bright and glaring, at that time. I don't think I saw any Mansard roofs, but I did notice the mish-mash of architecture I pass every day, and the angles of roof tops and how odd some of the buildings look.

The building in the photo is not one I see every day, but it is near my office.

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OK, that looks cool but also rather impractical with those acute angles.

...and is the pic a Mansard roof?

Does it even have a roof?

Yes, I can see a building/s with roof/s.

Well, I don't think it's a mansard roof.

No, thanks to wiki I now know what a Mansard roof is.

I think I understood what it meant on Wikipedia, but I'm just not sure. Would I really recognise one? I've been looking for windows in roofs and steeper than normal roofs.

Yup, that's a Mansard roof indeed! The more 'stereotypical' types have an inwards bow, but straight (albeit, still angled) "roof-walls" make it such.

Thanks for confirming! Next I'll probably suddenly realise that where I live has one too.

I think it is but missing the top gentler slope perhaps?

It may be close enough that I can stop looking now. :)

do you work in the hospital?

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