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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Enchanted Ice-cream

She ate the enchanted ice-cream and wondered what would happen next. Would she become enchanted? The ice-cream had lumps of gingerbread in it, and tasted vaguely like white chocolate.

She wrote more than 3000 words that night, typing frantically on her netbook. The airship crashed, but it was imaginary, and the smell of plumeria filled the air.

This LiveJournal will be ten years old in January.

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Are you planning some kind of celebration for your LJ? Or perhaps a sample from the archives, one for each year?

I could throw a party for it! Or I could celebrate by closing it down and moving to Dreamwidth, but not sure I could really be bothered. Or I could try to post more frequently, or find lots of new people to add to my friends list.

My archives are a bit confused, as LJ used to not allow you to go back 250 entries or something like that, without clicking on the specific date. So, to attempt to get around that, I put lots of entries on the same day, using some kind of secret code to keep track of what day they were really written on, which I now cannot remember.

I have diary archives online dating from further back from that, that do have the correct dates on them, but they are on Monochrome BBS.

Do LJ meetups still happen at all? Maybe it's time to organise one!

Does the Thursday night pub thing count?

Aren't they mostly goths? I was thinking more generic.

They are Mostly goths. Generic LJ is good, but will display a preponderance of Goths and Russians.

Maybe I will wait another 10 years and just plan a meet up with whoever is left on LJ not in Russia. :) (Or go to Russia instead.)

Er, what Thursday meetup? I remember the Tuesday Borders meets in London but that's 5 years ago now.

Yep, them, and Toby's pub-picking software at http://eventbot.dryft.net/

Still a couple of years before mine turns ten! I should probably back it up before LJ goes kaputt.

I convert mine to PDF every so often when I remember. Perhaps I will do it again when it turns 10!

henry ford high school 382


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