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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Invisibility, Cthulhu, tracking devices

Invisibility Cloak Repair Kit
I saw photographs of the Cotswolds at the O3 Gallery, before going to the library to get a selection of graphic novels to read.

I met Marios soon after that and we sipped coffee and then went to Modern Art Oxford and the Ashmolean and saw Thomas Houseago's What Went Down, which included sculptures of giant spoons and masks. We wandered around the Ashmolean, looking at Guy Fawkes' lantern and octopus netsuke.

Outside again, we peered into a window and saw never lost labyrinth string, an invisibility cloak repair kit, fairy lights powered by real fairies, nose shrinking cream and other such cool objects. I presume they were part of the Story Museum.

Back home, we made caffeine out of a build your own molecule kit, and watched Bottle Rocket and The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu.

Sunday involved Ghost World and walking around Shotover Country Park following green squares. We saw a sign on a manhole cover that said Oxford Brookes University, so we presume they must have an underground campus.

Marios gave me a new graphics card, but I have yet to sort out the drivers. He also gave me a GPS device that can be used to create logs of where I have been and it has a button on it so that I can mark points of interest. It will be useful when I take photos, so I know where I took them. I also like the idea of tracking where I have been, mostly so I can know where I have not been and can go there.

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Story Museum? Where's that?

It's apparently not opening until 2014, but there is a window with cool things in, that is possibly at Rochester House, 42 Pembroke Street. At least, I think that was where it was.

Hmm. I'll have to go and have a look.

I have a feeling I have seen an invisibility cloak repair kit before. Maybe from the people who run 826 Valencia (http://www.826valencia.org/) ? I know they're most famous for a "genuine" Pirate shop but I could have sworn they, or an entity with the same operational model, did super-hero / super-villain stuff at another location.

Does your GPS logger have a screen? Then you can even see where you haven't been. It's like uncharted territory (a satnav is no fun, because then the places you haven't been already have labels on them)

I thought it was an 826 Valencia shop to start with, but then realised it must be the Story Museum instead. It did remind me of the kind of things they sell. (I have been to the Pirate supply store in San Francisco, but there are other similar ones in other places - 826 NYC seems to be the one with the Superhero supply store.. maybe they'd sell an invisibility cloak repair kit?)

I am thinking that I will try to create pictures like this:
UrbanTick: Mapping Tracks: Where have you been all these days?

I am still sad that my parents did not install a tracking device in me from birth though.

(Did you get my email by the way?)

Ah, OK. Story Museum it is then.

I don't think I got email from you recently. Did you send it the address which is like my OpenID? Or somewhere else?

I sent it to a Zepler address. I tried sending it to one like your OpenID and that bounced. I may resort to Facebook!

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