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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Escape Gardening

A van had the words "Escape Gardening" written on it. Instead of thinking that they merely help you escape gardening, I instead thought about ways that they improve your garden to help you escape - hollow trees to hide in, giant beanstalks to climb, those kind of things.

Regina Spektor sang to me, "some said the local lake had been enchanted".

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Oh, I would hire the second version for sure. I want a tree house with an emergency slide over the back fence cunningly hidden by a hinged shelf (ideal for storing collections of leaves and sticks).

A tree house with an emergency slide sounds like a good idea.

I'm now thinking what "No Escape Gardening" would involve. Far too scary. A hedge maze that you can never escape from. Triffids.

This list of burglar-spiking plants would presumably be the bread and butter of No Escape Gardening. I imagine the giant rhubarb serves as a decoy triffid.

That does look like a good list! Giant rhubarb is great.

I am also thinking of poison gardens, like the one at Alnwick.

I've just realised what this has to be. It's existing within the 'walled gardens' that increasingly make up the internet (facebook, twitter, &c), while making it harder for you and your friends to become trapped in them.

Or, since this topic deserves to look more beautiful, imagine yourself as a sunflower in a walled garden: growing high enough to see the outside world; relaying the news back inside; inspire a platoon of ants to climb up your back, bend you towards the wall, and march to freedom.

Just, entirely in silico.

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