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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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I read about the Drift Deck on BLDBLOG a few weeks ago, but forgot to print out the cards until yesterday.

Bright Light
I started to walk, flicked through the cards and almost collided with a bicycle. I continued to read them as I walked and read "Bright Light. Slow your pace by half." The card had a picture of an astronaut on it. I was getting close to a street lamp that was on, despite bright sunshine. I walked slowly towards it and took a photograph.

I decided "Valentia Road" sounded like a nice road, so headed up it, and saw a children's playground in the distance. I then noticed an alley and remembered there was an alley card that said "Explore. Linger. Document what you find. If there's anything truly curious, photograph it and call it treasure." I did that. I took photos of drips on the metal bars at the end of the alley. I photographed a word that looked like it said "test" written in silver on a fence. I photographed the fence fibres up close and they look sparkly. I noticed the ground had words written in it, presumably before the surface had set properly, but they were unreadable.

I reached the end of the alley and it was then that a pigeon appeared, looking at me, and I remembered the card which had a picture of a pigeon on it and said "Real, Jarring. Change course."

I then went right, up Grays Road, Cardwell Crescent, and then Stonor Place. I was looking for people with red shoes or phone boxes, but I did not see either. Back on Valentia Road, I looked at the noticeboard by the playground and saw photos of police officers.
Bright Light

I then continued and reached Headington Road, took a photo of Headington School and then turned back. I noticed a lot of worms stranded on pavements, elastic bands, and a caravan with broken windows.

The cards reminded me a bit of Mundane Journeys by Kate Pocrass, which I used to help me explore while I was in San Francisco.

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That was my school. I hated it utterly.

The website makes it look a bit scary!

I have just looked up my school's website and the Wikipedia page for it. Wikipedia thinks my old school specialises in science, mathematics and computing now. Wish it had done when I was there! They didn't even offer computing A-level, let alone GCSE, when I was there.

An interesting enhancement for a walk in Headington, I think.

Drift Deck! This is so interesting, I think I'll have to try it out. Thanks for linking and sharing :-)

The deck looks great, but I failed to find the promised PDF link. I like the idea of being randomly inspired.

I think you need a Slideshare or Facebook account, which is annoying.

This page has a "download" link, but it seems to require signing up:

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