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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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More photos on Flickr: Deal.
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It was a toss up whether we went to Deal or Folkestone on Saturday.
Folkestone won or I may have seen you snapping there.
And then you went to Dover,I apologise for the nasty sights there.
We have a rubbish council. The big tower block that obscures the castle was supposed to be knocked town years ago but the council still get money for the communication masts on the top of it!
Isn't it as ugly as sin itself!!

There were certainly a lot of people taking photos in Deal on Saturday, despite the cold weather. :)

Dover was interesting- I don't think I had been to the town centre before and did wonder about that tower block! Thanks for enlightening me on that one.

Lovely! How do you find out about these Flickr meets? The last one I knew of in London was years ago and I would like to do it again.

London Flickr meetups group is quite good.

They have upcoming trips to:
Brighton (Saturday, February 26th)
Paris (All night, May 28th - 29th)
London Wetland Centre (Sunday, January 30th)

Thankyou! That looks awesome. Do you know if there's a way to follow a group's posts in RSS or email? Not sure I will remember to keep checking back at the flickr page. Have joined the Upcoming group too though. Ta muchly!

I haven't used it myself, but there seems to be an RSS feed available at the bottom of the page! I think I should use it too.


Duh! I should have seen! Awesome :) Maybe see you at a meet soon :)

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Re: The Ultimate MIND READING Trick. SUPERR!

Can you read my mind?

What do you think I am thinking right now?

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