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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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In the style of a Mundane Journey

Walk, bike or public transit to the junction where Girdlestone Road meets Everard Close. Start to walk up Everard Close, paying close attention to the houses that you pass.

Stop momentarily at the sparkliest wall you see and try to make out the words amongst the bits of broken pottery and broken mirrors. I did not manage to read them. It was a grey miserable day when I passed this wall and the wall cheered me up. Contemplate smashing your own crockery and making new patterns from the pieces.

(Inspired by Mundane Journeys.)

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I create mosaic artwork and love finding different crockery and other things to incorporate

Do you just use things that are already broken or do you smash things up to use them?

I was intrigued & so, living near, thought I'd go for a wonder.
I followed your journey plan & found the wall; coved in a cake icing of once treasured crockery particles. Alas, it was dark, so only noted a few noticeable patterns on some of the more interesting fragments. One nice thing about seeing it in the night: the wall shimmered and glinted under the moving beam of my lamp.

I've walked Girdlestone many times & sometimes catch the X5 bus which travels along this road - but never noticed it before. I suppose this everyday obliviousness is the fundamental reason for the desire of such exploration tools.

catch the X5 bus

Pardon, I meant 'City 15'

I didn't really think anyone would follow it!

It is a pretty wall though.

テントか、あるいは、長テーブルにroofとleg drapeとシャンデリアをつける?

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