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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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10th Anniversary

Today is the 10th anniversary of my LiveJournal. Has everything changed in that time? I just don't know.

I went through a phase of re-ordering and deleting some LiveJournal entries some years ago, so have no idea which was actually my first LJ entry, so instead I will copy an entry from my Monochrome BBS diary from 30th January 2001 instead:

----------------------------------- [Tue Jan 30 00:39:06 2001]

Enjoy - Ice Cold

I've been drinking warm ones lately, just to get that taste, that rush, as
quick and easy as possible. But suddenly, I remembered coldness. I held it to
my chest as I got in the lift, could feel my heart beating right against the
metal. I tip it up, and there's the icey oil fixating on my wriggling tongue. I
can feel it move right through me, as if it were live liquid, an aspartame
lizard. There's three on the desk, but only one is animated, the rest just bear
the brown scars around the hole. My whole mouth is buzzing, as if the liquid
were spirited and full of popping candy. I burp gently, and the syrup has
become poison, it's affected my body, I shiver, I smile.

I drink less Diet Coke these days. I know that much.

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you definitely did consume a lot of diet coke in those days :)

Indeed I did! I only drink about one can of Diet Coke a week now, so am much improved.

Your LJ is even older than mine though!

hehe i was an early adopter (so i am special or something). got a perm account now but don't really use it much.

Beat me by 2.5 months. :)

I've just gone back and read your first entry. :)

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