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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Gargoyle Sculpting

Last Saturday, I went to a gargoyle sculpting workshop.

"Are you gargoyles?" a woman asked bemused attendees of other classes.

The workshop was at a school and we were in the art room. To start with, we drew pictures of gargoyles and grotesques on paper. We then cut pieces of chicken wire from a roll and started to form it into shapes. We stapled the chicken wire onto a board to hold it still. To start with, I found the chicken wire really difficult to manipulate and ended up with scratches up my arms, but eventually, it began to take shape.

Once the shape was formed, we were given rolls of mod-roc. Mod-roc is basically gauze impregnated with plaster of paris. We cut the mod-roc into small strips and then dipped each in water and put it over the chicken wire model and smoothed it down.

Time passed really quickly and I found I wasn't thinking about anything apart from sculpting. I really enjoyed the workshop and although I am not that good at arts and crafts, want to create more things.

Some members of the class made cat-like creatures, birds, dragons, and grotesque faces. Those that finished quickly added a sandy layer to the top.

Carrying the sculptures home was a challenge, but luckily a kind woman gave us a lift to the station, where we were able to get a bus home. Adam's grotesque is currently living in my kitchen and mine is in my bedroom.

I did not manage to finish mine, but the teacher gave me some rolls of mod-roc to finish it with, so when I next have a free weekend, I will attempt to finish it, and perhaps later paint it. Then I might even post pictures.

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Is that the same stuff they use to make plastercasts for fractures?

We made lots of sculptures using that method at school, I recall. In particular, I remember making a head of a Greek goddess and a seated bronze-effect figure of a man. We used polyfilla over the mod-roc to shape fine details and produce smooth surfaces.

They sound impressive!

I may consider polyfilla if it still doesn't look right after I have applied more mod-roc. Thanks for the suggestion.

Also once the polyfilla is dry you can use sandpaper to get a really smooth finish in parts if that's the effect you're after.

You should make boots out of mod-roc, as they sound like the perfect footwear to bridge the gap between mods and goths!

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