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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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I won a hamper from Bang the Borum, which is exciting, and I am hoping it will contain interesting music (probably on cassette tapes). It was then that I realised I haven't been listening to enough interesting music recently. Being able to go to interesting gigs is one of the things I miss about not living in London.

Suggest some interesting music to listen to.

cementimental is helping out at the Meat Controllers Workshop on Saturday:

"A workshop in low life circuit bending, blasting, and building. Using the circuits from various electronic detritus and building your own circuitry, you will learn to create and construct psychotic synthesisers and noise machines. In the workshop you will use raw flesh or rotting meat as a resistor (vegan Tofu option available) for the creation of hybrid and mutated noise machines for use in live performances."

It sounds awesome, but I think the presence of rotting meat would probably make me feel sick, even if I was working with tofu instead, so am going to skip it.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks for the suggestions!

I saw cementimental in London when he performed with one of my housemates at the time, kingseesar. I only lived in London for a year, but saw lots of cool bands in that time! It is just too inconvenient and expensive for me to get to on week days with work the next day really, which is annoying. Not that I really want to move back to London though.

I was quite lucky when I was living in London, as not only did lots of bands I wanted to see play that year, but I also had friends and housemates who liked the same kind of music as I did, and the gigs kingseesar was involved with were usually good.

Oh, plus there was Dorkbot, which although the music itself wasn't always that great, they often had events where they demonstrated how they had made music using unusual methods, which was interesting.

Melbourne did have some gigs and stuff happening, but unfortunately I was too broke to be able to go to see many when I was there. Oxford must have some stuff going on somewhere though, right? I just need to look harder (or make more of an effort to make it to other places on weekends!)

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