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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Me gusta medusa

When I was in Spain, I saw this sign and it made me think of jellyfish:

Spanish traffic sign

I learnt the Spanish word for jellyfish is "medusa".

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I suspect that is a pictogram for "Why did the jellyfish cross the road?"

It could be for the special jellyfish lane.

It looks like a warning against high beams, but I prefer an indecisive sign warning against possible jellyfish invasion.

It was by a tunnel, so maybe it means there could be jellyfish in the tunnel?

Like the song...

"Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide..."

I used to hate jellyfish. I trod on one once and a combination of guilt at putting my foot through a (dead) creature combined with a hypochondriac fear of catching something deadly gave me a cold sweat...

On the other hand, they ruin millions of holidays for bright red British tourists.

I was so scared of them as a child that I stopped swimming in the sea for a few years when they were sighted on a nearby beach.

It was only really when I lived in Australia, when I saw many washed up on the beach, that I grew to like them.

I understood that to mean to dip your headlights, but I prefer your interpretation..

Actually I suspect it's instructing you to _activate_ your headlights, even if it's daytime. Lighting in tunnels can suddenly fail like anywhere else, the cars inside the tunnel should (by regulations in most countries) have their headlights on, making this event startling, but not immediately dangerous since the drivers can still see. So this is just a reminder that even though it may be daylight and there are lamps, you should turn on the headlights.

The reason for the dipped symbol is that this will be the label on the control for the headlights, because they default to dipped. The control labelled with the full-beam symbol switches headlights to full-beam, which isn't what we want drivers to do.

Yes, at the other end of the tunnel there was a similar sign, but with the light crossed out, which I presumed meant turn off your headlights.

I think it's asking if you'd like a shower.

I see a UFO. The question mark would fit better in that circumstance, since it is questioning the existence of them. :p

UFO lane? Or maybe land your UFO here.

Edited at 2011-06-20 07:40 pm (UTC)

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