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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Every time I pass this sign, I wonder what kind of tubes they stock. Jubilee line tubes? Fallopian tubes? Test tubes? etc.

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They might stock those! The shop is called "Orbit Electronics".

Internet tubes? They're aligned in series you know.

I actually just looked up where that whole internet tubes thing came from, as I have to admit I never paid enough attention to actually know. Maybe I didn't have internet in 2006 and was just using the wrong kind of tube.

The internet is a series of tubes. Though it was ridiculed, it's a fairly robust metaphor - fat pipes, via a straw, etc...

But he was using it in contrast to 'trucks', which better fits the idea of a packet-switched network, though?

If the packets are the trucks, the internet is the road system, and you get similar metaphors from the width of the roads, speed limits, etc.

Well, they have those in the window, so yes, they definitely stock those!

Inner tubes? Cathode ray tubes?

I don't think there's any implucation that they stock all types of tube. Only that, should a tube of any type present itself, it would be within their remit to stock it.

yes -
to me it all sounds like a public request for tubes to stock.
perhaps you can give them this list!

Apart from fluorecent tubes, which'd be my first guess,
they could also stock 'tubes' as in electronic valves?

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