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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Thames Messages

I found a tiny scrap of paper today on the way to work, on the bridge. On one side it said something like "You look nice today" and on the other side it said something like "not as nice as on Saturday, when I had made an effort for you". I can't find this piece of paper now, so maybe I can imagine it said something else on it.

Maybe it told of how the weather was hot today and it was high tide, and I could see a boy standing in the Thames holding a frisbee. There was an ice-cream van which looked almost as if it was just about ready to float away. The piece of paper was far too small to hold all those words though. Maybe it was just talking to the Thames. You look nice today, Thames.

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I love this post, especially the part about the ice cream van floating away and the note-writer talking to the Thames.

I actually found the note! It says on one side "You look nice today my dear ;)" and on the other side it says "Thank you, not maybe as nice as Sat. I made extra effort for you that day x"

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