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Museum of Broken Relationships

I stared at objects people had once been given by someone they loved or they had given someone or just things that somehow reminded them of a relationship that had now ended. A magnifying glass, a caterpillar with missing legs (the intention was to pull off a leg every time they met, and when all the legs were gone, they would move their relationship onto the next stage), an undeveloped roll of film, a bicycle, shoes, a tear container. Objects that were somehow better off in the museum now.

This was the Museum of Broken Relationships - in two crowded locations in Covent Garden, London: the Tristan Bates Theatre and 38 Earlham Street. Each object had a story, and that was what made the exhibition interesting. The stories were sometimes sad, sometimes amusing, sometimes a bit odd. There are some example exhibits here: exhibits and you can store emails, photographs and SMS messages that remind you of your bygone love on their website: virtual collection.

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jeez! re the caterpillar. They only have six real legs (it would be hard to pull off the pseudopods) and, and, why would anyone so torture a caterpillar? Was it already dead? Even so. Bit odd.

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