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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Items of food containing chocolate consumed over the weekend:

1. Beetroot brownies at the Marquis Cornwallis in Bloomsbury.
2. Marmite chocolate (purchased from Robert Dyas).
3. Sticky toffee pudding liquid nitrogen ice-cream, with chocolate sauce and white chocolate bits, at Chin Chin Laboratorists in Camden.

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Beetroot brownies seem to be all the rage these days. Have seen them on various menus recently. Nice, too.
I have to check out Chin Chin next time I'm in London with time to spare.

I had beetroot and chocolate cake a few years ago at hmm, maybe Manchester University and it was surprisingly good, so was not too scared away from the pub's beetroot brownies at least.

I'd definitely go back to Chin Chin when they have strange sounding ice-cream. This time the choices were vanilla, valrhona chocolate or sticky toffee pudding, with chocolate, toffee or raspberry sauce, and a number of different toppings to choose from, such as popping candy, heather honeycomb, pistachios, etc. Their website doesn't really make it very clear that they only sell three flavours at a time. (I actually thought they just sold one!) I tried some of the chocolate ice-cream as well as the sticky toffee pudding flavour and they were both good. If you happen to be wandering around Camden when it's open, it's worth going to, and there are swings to sit on!

I had one at Distraction Club earlier this month. A bit moist but flavour was nice.

Cool, thanks. Might be able to take a detour on Saturday.

Liquid nitrogen ice cream? That is just too remarkable; I'm jealous.

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