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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Eastbourne & NaNoWriMo

Jumped aboard a train to Eastbourne today and started writing my NaNoWriMo novel on the way. There were no power points on the trains (well, there might have been in first class), so I reverted to writing by hand, and now my hands are a vivid blue colour and blueberry scented.

Eastbourne is "the sunshine coast" according to a sign that greeted me at the station. It was gloriously sunny (for November) today, so that may be true. I walked along the pier, wandered along the pebbly beach, and then past the holy well, and up to the South Downs Way, where I tried not to fall down a rabbit hole, stared out at the sea and saw the lighthouse at Beachy Head.

My novel (3454 words currently) so far has in it: pigeons with super powers, strange village festivals, lesbianism, weird cloud formations, ghost shops. Oh dear.

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Do you ever post your NaNoWriMo stuff online?

No! It must all be kept secret. Even from myself. I don't remember what I wrote last year.

Shame i would like to read a story about a super powered lesbian pigeon attacking ghosts at strange village festivals using unusual cloud formations as cover for their attacks.

I'm fond of Eastbourne - there is a sense of time infinitely held there. Good luck with the writing, and don't let the pigeons take over your head.

I am not giving the pigeons mind control, don't worry!

I enjoyed Eastbourne and also the South Downs. Am glad it was not as windy as it was last time I went to Beachy Head - it was so windy that my mum and I kept throwing ourselves to the ground, laughing, because we could barely walk and felt the need to cling to the ground!

If a pigeon could wish for a super power, what superpower would it want? (probably not flight)

How about a purpose in life other than spreading disease?

There are people who need that too; but I don't know if that's what they would personally wish for.

There's always that exhortation to "Write what you know" and I'm glad to see that either you've completely ignored that or your life has been even more interesting than I previously thought.

Your nanowrimo sounds good value for money for density and entertainment, I would definitely red it given the opportunity. Saw you are mutual friends with four people I hold in high esteem on LJ, hope you don't mind but I added you.

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