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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Sometimes things that happened in November made it into my story and sometimes they didn't.

I had a dream that I was shopping and somehow managed to carry five baskets at once. I went to a pub and listened to people talk in length about the noses that they were studying.

One day when I walked across the Green, I noticed it was covered in tiny mushrooms - they had sprung up everywhere. I saw a cloud that was shaped a bit like Cthulhu. I saw a car number plate that said "UFO".

I heard a man on a train say, "I'm a realist". I read and wrote a lot about pigeons and their super powers.

I went to the British Museum and looked at cat goddesses, red granite and signs that said "Hold your beliefs lightly". I tried on masks and played strange instruments.

I heard people talking about dogs' eyes and potatoes.

The river became very low and I stood on the bridge and tried to read a sign at the bottom of the river.

I saw Iain Sinclair and Inua Ellams at the Richmond literature festival.

I went to the Boring Conference and enjoyed talks on the sounds vending machines make, hand dryers, health and safety, the bits between TV programmes.

It was UCLIC's 10th anniversary, so I met up with old classmates.

I went to How To Get Almost Anyone To Want To Sleep With You by Deborah Frances-White.

I went to exhibitions at the Wellcome Collection on miracles and charms -Mexican miracle paintings, and a collection of amulets. I saw a stone with a hole that is for tying to a cow to stop fairies from stealing milk. I went to Two Temple Place and saw an exhibition on William Morris: Story, Memory and Myth.

I wanted to try dotorimuk.

I listened to Douglas Coupland talking about the Museum of the Rapture and wondered what I could send him. I saw robots attacking Richmond Bridge (Jem Panufnik's Riverside Robo-Attack).

I contemplated drinking Precious Eyebrows. I ate Christmas pudding ice-cream. My knife was destroyed while killing the crown prince. I made the squash, pear and aduki soup with shiitakes from Veganomicon.

I also went to various NaNoWriMo events and probably did other things too, in between writing my novel, but this is all I can remember for now. I should try to write here more frequently.