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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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"He to whom adventures were as toys"

I recently started playing Super Going and one of the missions on there was to visit something from Atlas Obscura. Here is what I wrote on Super Going for this mission:

I had been curious about Sir Richard Burton's mausoleum since seeing it listed in the London Open House weekend booklet, and looking at the London section on Atlas Obscura reminded me of its existence. It was a cold December day, when everyone else was out Christmas shopping, but threebytesfull and I decided to visit the mausoleum.

We walked to 61 Worple Way in Richmond and could not find the mausoleum, before realising that we had got the wrong Worple Way. The one we wanted was in Mortlake! Fortunately, the station was not far away, so we hopped on a train to Mortlake.

When we reached Mortlake, we walked to 61 Worple Way, but again, it was just a normal house, and there was no mausoleum there. We could see a church in the distance, so crossed the railway, and then did a circle of the church before concluding how to get to it.

Finally, we made it into the graveyard! There before us was the mausoleum of Sir Richard and Lady Burton. It resembled an Arab tent and was decorated with stars and moons and at the back was a ladder, which you could climb up and peer into the mausoleum.

Sir Richard Burton's Mausoleum
Inside Sir Richard Burton's Mausoleum

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Impressive. I saw his fez in the Orleans House Gallery.

Is Super Going worth a go?

Do they always have his fez there or was it in a special exhibition?

Super Going basically seems like a redesigned SF0, but currently with a bit more traffic.

I think it was just a temporary fez. And I am so impressed at Super Going using Facebook logins but not asking for permission to post to my wall that I'll give it a go.

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