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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Playing in a Labyrinth

threebytesfull and I had just completed a mission for Super Going which involved visiting Sir Richard Burton's mausoleum, and found ourselves in Mortlake. We had decided we should see what else Mortlake had to offer, and as we were walking past the church of St Mary the Virgin, we noticed the strange heads either side of the church door.

Soon after that we noticed the "Entrance to Labyrinth" sign. Not being able to resist swinging open the gate, in we went, picking up a leaflet on the way. The leaflet explained that the design of the labyrinth was based on the design of one in Temple Cowley, Oxford. It also suggested games to play in the labyrinth, which was when I thought of SF0 and we decided to complete the Ariadne Unemployed task.

This is some of what the leaflet said in the "Games, Fun.. and the quite Bizarre" section:

"Make as long a line of possible. Move into the centre, holding hands, and see if you can also make it out again, without breaking the line or falling over. If nothing else, you may well be much better friends afterwards!

As a variation, try recreating an actual liturgical dance performed annually by the clergy of Auxerre Cathedral between 1396 and 1558: As above, but the leader additionally carries a ball (symbolising the sun) in his/her free hand, throwing it back and forth to different members of the line throughout the dance, thereby recalling the arcing of the sun across the heavens!"

Alas, threebytesfull and I realised we had no ball to throw to each other, so instead rolled up one of my gloves into a ball shape, and hand in hand, walked around the labyrinth throwing the ball to each other as we went.

(Cross-posted to SF0.)

St Mary the Virgin church
St Mary the Virgin church