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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Different types of coffee are listed in I Was Here and I wondered how possible it would be to try them all in London (or the UK).

Where in London (or the UK) is the best place to go for:
Poll #1806602 Coffee

Vietnamese coffee?

Mayan coffee?

Arabic coffee?

Italian espresso?

New York iced coffee?

New Orleans coffee?

Chilean Helado?

Portland cappuccino?

Indonesian coffee?

Yemenese coffee?

Canadian coffee?

Australian sweet milk coffee?

Some other kind of coffee?


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What's Canadian coffee?

In the book, it says in brackets next to it: "always fresh". There is a picture of what looks like a red paper cup and it says "Tim Hortons" on the side.

Tim Horton's is a chain of donut stores. I don't think its coffee is any more notable than those from any other chain. Certainly the coffee there, nor anywhere else in Canada, isn't locally produced, nor is it prepared in a special way. It's just regular coffee, usually percolated, ground from your standard African or South American beans.

There's a lot more to Tim Horton's than simply another chain of doughnut shops. Tim's is something of a Canadian institution. Though I would suspect that mainly comes from it being a notably successful home–grown company and not just another import from south of the border. Though the fact that Tim Horton was an ex-professional ice-hockey player hasn't hurt the whole, Canadian-cultural-icon thing.

The coffee they sell is nothing special (though they seem to brew it to drug strength), but the muffins are nice. I think the best description would be adequate quality, yet cheap enough to be excellent value for money. As I recall, the total cost of a coffee and a muffin is around half that of Starbucks.

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