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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Palm Bay - 1911 and 2011

Palm Bay
Palm Bay

At the start of the tube walk from High Barnet to Totteridge and Whetstone, I discovered that at High Barnet station a shop was selling old postcards. I purchased one of Palm Bay, which has a postmark that may indicate it is from 1911. I then wondered if Palm Bay looks the same now as it did then, so took a trip to Margate and found Palm Bay. The photograph isn't quite from the same angle, but you can see it is the same place.

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Great idea for a day trip!

Not much change in 100 years! Although the 'CAFE' sign looks like it might as well be saying "PLEASE COME HERE" instead. Perhaps the beach sees more similar levels of sunbathing in summer though :)

When we went to Braodstairs summer before last, we ended up buying old antique postcards and sending those instead of the modern ones. (I did make sure to only buy and send ones that there were multiple copies of at the bookshop we found them at.) Obviously we sent unused ones, not the old ones that had already been written on by someone in the past. We read some of those whilst looking through the postcards though!

Before we sent them, we went and looked at how different or similar the view looked now. Like Margate, it was largely unchanged - except the views out to sea now have the gigantic windfarm as an added feature. (I *like* the way the windfarm looks, as it happens)

s/ Braodstairs / Broadstairs

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