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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Turbo Tango and Neverwhere

I sprayed Turbo Tango into my mouth. Nitro fuelled fizzy orange.

Really it was just orangeade in an aerosol can, like squirty cream. A new way to drink, futuristic, or perhaps just somehow as if it was from the 1970s.
I saw Neverwhere at the Progress Theatre in Reading on Friday night with tackline. When the train was taking me back to London, I wondered which London I would end up in, particularly as I was confused by announcements like "we are approaching early" and stations that didn't sound real at all, like Martins Heron (apparently in the parish of Winkfield).

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I lived near Martins Heron station for a very long, miserable six months. If I had been able to escape into an underworld of conversational rats, sewage-trawlers and undead assassins, believe me, I would have.

That's a shame, it sounds like such a nice place!

I wonder if any of the stations on that line are actually appealing places to visit? I am never tempted to get off the train in Staines, Egham, nor Bracknell, I admit.

unrelated: are you aware of the "cockroach tours" of the science museum, where all the visitors are dressed as cockroaches?


I, er, saw it and thought of you :)

A group of us went on the tour to celebrate my last birthday. :)

This is me as a cockroach:

I'd never heard of "Turbo Tango" before.

But what I'd guess about it's target demographic.... male, 12, I'd say only about 50% of the product will ever actually get drunk. The other 50% of the average can will be sprayed over the demographic's "mates".

We saw it on the Saturday, it was really good, they are doing The Fifth Elephant next year :D

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