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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Good Wood/Wood Works

I closed the wooden box and it was just after that I heard a tapping noise. Tap tap tap. I opened it again but all that was inside were wires, so again I closed it. Tap tap tap, coming from inside the wooden box.

Some of the exhibits in the Good Wood/Wood Works: Contemporary Wooden Art & Craft exhibition at the Riverside Gallery in Richmond, that I saw last Tuesday, I just wanted to stroke as they looked so smooth and patterns sometimes looked so geometric.

I wanted to take up marquetry then too after seeing the work from the Harrow Marquetry Group.

I wondered how difficult it was to sew wood, after seeing patterns sewn into wood, such as colourful houses.

There were paintings of trees and photographs too, and pictures made from found wood, arranged, and misericords.

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Good Wood / Wood Works


As the curator of the recent Good Wood / Wood Works exhibition at the Riveraide Gallery I was very happy to read your comments on the exhibition. The feedback from visitors has been excellent and I hope to revivie the idea in future. It was a new departure for us but definitely worked out. I personally loved the marquetry too as well as the misericords and the turned vases.

best wishes


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