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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Chewing gum, fried breath, lighthouse, quantum cloud

Chewing Gum Art
I first visited Trinity Buoy Wharf a few years ago, but went back on Saturday to see an exhibition of Ben Wilson's Chewing Gum art. I first became aware of Ben Wilson's art after spotting some colourful patterns on pavements in Archway.

From East India station, a trail led to Trinity Buoy Wharf. I spotted some of his impressive art on pavements on the way there, and then at Trinity Buoy Wharf itself, inside one of the buildings was a wall full of photos of more of Ben Wilson's work, and a helpful guide with a magnifying glass showed me where the art was located around Trinity Buoy Wharf. Some of the chewing gum art was very new and shiny, but all was colourful, surprisingly detailed, and finding each felt like finding treasure. I want to find more of them.

While at Trinity Buoy Wharf, I went up the lighthouse again and listened again to Longplayer (has been playing for more than 12 years so far and is going to be playing for 1000 years in total), and was delighted to find that the hut with the words "The Faraday Effect" was open this time, and inside it was a desk and various Michael Faraday related objects. A tiny museum. I also was impressed by the strange sculptures that were next to the river and while looking at them, you couldn't help but notice the Millennium Dome in the distance. It's still there. Across the river you could also see a cluster of skyscrapers in one direction, and the Quantum Cloud in another.

Fatboy's Diner was open (it wasn't last time I was here), so inside I went and ate fried breath and cherry pie.

After that, I headed to central London and looked for the wall patched up with Lego, but disappointingly no Lego was to be seen. Maybe I'll need to patch it myself.

That night, I watched Back to the Future and ate chestnut bean jelly (which I had purchased earlier in the Japan Centre), while the snow fell outside.

Photos on Flickr: Trinity Buoy Wharf and Chewing Gum.

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I would hate to step on that art. D: It would be bad for both parties.

Longplayer sounds similar to a John Cage piece that plans to play on an organ for over six hundred years and only changes notes every couple of years. Have you heard (of) it?

What is fried breath??

I am hoping that it doesn't matter when you stand on them, but it's hard to tell. Some of the gum I previously found looked quite worse for wear though.

I have not heard the John Cage piece, but shall look it up, as it also sounds interesting!

Fried breath meant battered onion rings, it seemed. I presumed it was a common term used in American diners, as the place was kitted out to look like one, but err.. maybe not then. :)

That might be the case, since I don't frequent diners much...I googled it though, and the only relevant link seems to be back to this post. :/ Though I might start referring to onion rings as fried breath; it's such an interesting concept if you think of it literally. (And also a play on Americans frying everything, haha.)

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