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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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I jumped aboard a train to Littlehampton last Friday, with the intention to explore.

First, I visited Look & Sea, a museum with:
photos of when the sea froze over (actually froze! although the last time this happened was in the 1960s); a crab that I stroked, that wasn't actually there (a hologram! I am now living in the future); a machine that I paid one old pence to test my strength and it told me "A holiday will do you good", and that my ideal career is as a butler; a machine where I turned a handle and watched a flipbook style animation of a man taking off his clothes; a button I pressed and listened to Mervyn Peake who used to live near Arundel Castle. I reached the top of the museum and climbed up to the tower and looked out over the river and at the sea.

I headed towards the sea after that, following the river, past a sign that said "Wonder Works", past the Disney style castle in the closed fairground, past a sign that said "Butt for sale", past gigantic swans.

The waves roared and crashed when I got to the beach, and I sat on Britain's longest bench, listening to them. The bench twists and turns, colourful in places.

I walked past East Beach Cafe, which was unusual looking, and past colourful beach huts which were arranged in curves. I sat down briefly then on the beach, only to find there was an old shoe and a large dead fish sitting next to me, so I leapt up again, and turned around.

Back into the town itself, I walked past shops and through a market, and then got a bit lost and ended up on the marina.

Following the river in the other direction, past the muddy water and the wrecked boats, I ended up peering down at the remains of a fort, where ivy had begun to creep, and then found West Beach, where lizards live in the dunes.

I found myself alone on the beach (apart from seagulls), standing on the glistening sand that seemed to stretch on for miles, backed by grass tufted sand dunes. The sea had calmed and the waves were gently lapping against the shore. I had wondered earlier when my feet were tired and I was cold just why I was here (wasn't it to explore?), but the reason I was on that quiet beach, alone, was simply to see the sea.

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You always find the most interesting places to visit. You need to come visit me and find all the interesting places around here I must be missing! :p

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