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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Mostly other people's words

"Gorgeous," he said.

"It's like she's my mentor in the ways of being rich," she said to her friend as she walked past.

"I think what I'm saying.." he said slowly, too slowly really, while standing in front of a white board with equations written on it, which he was not talking about.

"Part of me was glad there was no emotional scene. But part of me wanted there to be," she said to her friend as she was leaving the train.

"She probably sees a bit of a philosopher in me", he said.

A lonely hearts ad, stuck to a random wall. Hand-written, it started with the words, "A very attractive man, aged 59."

"Good morning," he said to me. "Morning," I replied, but he hadn't finished. He completed his sentence with the word "hippy". I had decided against wearing a particular skirt that morning because I had thought it looked too hippyish. I don't think he knew that.

The Canadian geese squawked.

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This made me smile. So glad you still post over here!

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