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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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A seagull whined like a dog.

"Dance dance dance," graffiti on a kiosk on the beach instructed.

A sign near the beach said:
"Then all, with ails in heart & lungs,
In liver or spine
Rushed here to be cured like tongues
By dipping in the brine."

Oh, such sunshine today. The urge to plunge my body into the vast blue ocean was strong. Such a longing, a desire, lusting. I resisted though and just dangled my feet into the water and then paddled briefly. Perhaps next time I will take my swimming costume and hope it will seem as beautiful.

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Dance Dance Dance is the title of a book by Murakami and a song by Lykke Li (about how she's shy and finds it easier to communicate by dancing) which I really like.

I've read Dance Dance Dance, but that somehow did not occur to me! Maybe I just didn't expect to see the title of a Murakami book on a beach.. but why not?

I don't know of the song though.

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