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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Last week's sunshine

Last week, I felt as if the springtime and the sunshine had energised me, woken me up, as if I was previously hibernating. I suddenly felt in love with the sky, the blossom, the flowers, even people. I felt heady from the pollen, and oh, this world.

I wanted to create more, save the world, write another novel, sculpt something, actually do something interesting with an Arduino, play games, write code, redesign my website, take more photos, draw comics, make daisy chains, skip, float in the Thames (eww!), eat ice-cream, go to the beach again, see the stars, climb a mountain, watch the sunset, travel to all the amazing places in the world, etc, etc. Spring cleaning, somehow, I suppose. Oh, I wanted to do everything and see everyone right then and there, and to dance (goodness, I wanted to dance!)

My living room was bathed in sunshine, so I put on my rainbow glasses and saw rainbows everywhere, and just laughed. I never did figure out how to save the world though.

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It's appealing and infectious!

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