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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Had an excellent time at Eastercon. These are the sessions I went to:

Death of the internet (tweets at 11)
The art of the movie poster - 100 posters in 50 minutes
Pushing the boundaries of genre
Our new alien masters: The markets
Opening ceremony
Cory Doctorow interview
The SF video game canon
Cory Doctorow reading
Non-Anglophone SF
Gender parity on panels at conventions
Stevie Carroll reading
Shorts from Sci-Fi London
The fantastic landscape
The war on terror (How ten years of conflict has shaped SF)
Hugo nominations
Occupy the metaverse
20-odd years of CGI
Comics outside the mainstream
Writing The Rapture of the Nerds
Has Misfits lost the plot?
You got your robot elf sex in my SF
The future of ebooks
(Also saw the art show, the dealers' room, a maze of twisty corridors that all look alike, the disco, a Klingon, a superhero or two, and Hounslow bus station.)

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I admit I did buy some pussy in Hounslow.

The Fantastic Landscapes panel made me really want to visit Lewisham High Street again. "A mecca", I remember it being described as.

Thank you for providing the link: some things are best left ungoogled.

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