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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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I wandered through King's Wood, hoping for bluebells, but I stumbled across:

Shiny green tiger beetles mating, flying, still hooked together.

A mass of ants, swarms of ants so great I could no longer see the ground. (I am still paranoid they are crawling on me, every time I think about them.)

Bright orange nectria cinnabarina, which looked like sweets on a log.

A peacock butterfly, fluttering before me.

The bluebells were not quite yet in full bloom and I was disappointed about being too early. My mum and I started to admit that we were slightly lost. She had sat down to have a smoke and I had walked further up the hill to see what was at the top (a field), but then to the left, I noticed the beautiful expanse of purple bluebells, and inhaled the scent. We found a small path through them and it was then that I felt a rush of wonder and could not stop saying "wow".

We continued back down the hill and came across a sign that said "Super Kingdom" and sculptures like houses or temples on the trees, and we realised that they were also bird houses.


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My Bluebells are white

In previous years I have seen a few white ones at King's Wood, but I suspect they are just not out there yet, but will be soon.

it's hard to get a good photo of bluebells and that looks like a good one

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