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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Her face was scrunched up and she looked as if she was going to cry when she was told, "it's just not good enough, Amelia."

A little girl wearing purple ran towards me, then stopped and waited, then when her accomplices had caught up with her, ran towards me again.

"I am the fastest," another girl said, as I turned another corner.

Batman took the guise of a little boy that day.

These are children that aren't quite real: Aerona, Bernadette, Carlotta, Delilah, Eirlys, Ffraid, Gladys, Horace, Ivy, Jodi, Kraken Kong, Lemon Curd, Medusa, Neptune, Omekey, Pimlico.

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All of these [well apart from Ivy, obviously] are still better names than will ever be given to a mortal child by either Beyonce Knowles or the late Paula Yates.

I woud definitely pass a law that every child with an absolutely ridiculous name gets to rename their parent after x number of years and all the coconuts they can carry, as some sort of government support scheme, seeing as we've run out of all the imaginary money.

I was getting quite desperate for names around the point Ivy was born. It's quite hard thinking up names for your 15 children. Or maybe I have more children than that and can't even remember their names.

I have looked up the name of Beyonce Knowles' child and found she is called Blue Ivy Carter. Perhaps I could change Bernadette's name to Blue Macaroon?

That definitely seems like a good law, but where do you draw the line over what counts as ridiculous or not? Will all names have to be chosen from an approved name list?

Will all names have to be chosen from an approved name list?
In Germany, they do. Ah, still a little bit of fascism left in the ol' country yet...

Hmm, I used to have about 15 children, but I have forgotten most of their names, poor things. One of them was definitely a girl called Lemsip though.

Lemsip is a great name! Although maybe not quite as good as Lemony Snicket.

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