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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Waverley Abbey and Moor Park

Near to a waterfall and past a river full of lilypads, stood Waverley Abbey, the first Cistercian abbey in Great Britain, now in ruins.

Dragon's teeth loitered on the river bank, but I was distracted by the wonderful yew tree growing over what may have once been part of the abbey. The tree was unfortunately full of pirates on their way to Bermuda (at least they didn't seem to have the Rage virus, I suppose), but eventually they set sail, and I gazed upon the glorious tree, roots twisted and exposed, and the bark: red, pink and peeling.

In Moor Park, I wandered into a pillbox covered in foliage and graffiti, and peered out through bars onto the field below. Further along the path, a swamp appeared, and I wished I had a boat to traverse the river in. (A deep water alder swamp!)

A cave known as Mother Ludlam's Cave was situated near the end of the footpath and I peered in, looking for the devil, witches, fairies, or maybe just bats. (The Legend of Mother Ludlam- the White Witch of Waverley.)
Mother Ludlam's Cave

More photos on Flickr: Farnham.

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I miss that yew.

Once I went to the abbey at dusk. There were deer standing in low lying mist so they looked like they were floating.

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