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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Traipsing through rain, they screamed and swore, adding to the cacophony of sirens, disco beats and speeding cars, on Maid Marian Way. I couldn't sleep and my mind was full of acronyms. Earlier that night I had eaten watermelon chutney, and before that, I had sipped a pheasant plucker in a pub set into a cave. I also remember a shop that had a sign on the door saying it was close today.

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The Trip to Jerusalem?

I think it's other claim to fame is its indefatigably maintained pretence to be the oldest pub in England. When there are at least half a dozen others with solid claims to be older.

Still, I think I could forgive that if its a nice place.

Or possibly the Hand & Heart, if it's still going? Ye Olde Trip does seem more likely, somehow.

Hope other bits of Nottm involved less screaming...

It was indeed the Hand & Heart.

I have been to Ye Olde Trip on another work trip though and watched people playing hooky (or Ring the Bull, as it seems to be properly known?)

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