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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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The Flâneurs community on Dreamwidth has a number of June challenges, so today I attempted one of them, on the theme of buses.

1. I chose a number (n) between 3 and 20, and chose 3.
2. I then got on the first bus that came along.
3. I then got off the bus at the 3rd stop.
4. I then got on the next bus that stopped at that stop.
5. I then repeated the above steps.

I got on 10 buses in total, although only 9 of them were part of the challenge, as the final one was just in the direction of home.

I waited at the bus station in Richmond for the first bus that came along. It was a 493, and it passed George Street and the Quadrant, and then I got off at Richmond station.

I noticed a closed down Oddbins, with an odd Superman caricature in the window. Next to that was a door with the words, "So what?" on it.

I jumped aboard the 190 to West Brompton and got off at Manor Circus. I sniffed a flower and tried to flag down the 371 but it did not stop, so instead I then got on the 493 to Manor Circus. This then terminated at Richmond/Manor Road. No buses were able to be caught from that stop, so I decided instead to go to the large Sainsbury's that was nearby, and purchased raspberries and an Innocent pot of Caribbean jerk curry, to eat for dinner later. There were boys doing wheelies in the car-park.

I then was not sure which bus to get, so just headed to the nearest bus stop, and jumped upon the first bus, which was yet another 493, this time to Tooting St George's Hospital.

Off the bus again at Richmond Circus, and then onto the R68 to Hampton Court. This went through Richmond and there was a lot of traffic there, so I watched the people walk past and wondered about their lives.

"You look at people and they'll read your mind," a man on the bus explained.

A star appeared on the screen announcing destinations. Finally, an exciting destination! Although actually, it was just an indication of a diversion.

I then arrived back where I started, but decided to continue. I had caught five buses by this point.

The next bus was the 490 to Heathrow Terminal 5, but I got off at St Stephen's Church and stared at a beautiful cobweb.

I waited a while outside the church and wondered about going home, but then the 33 to Fulwell appeared, and for the second stop, announced "The next bus stop is closed". I counted it as a stop anyway.

Bus number 8 was the H22 to Hounslow Bell Corner, and I got off at Heath Road/Grove Avenue. I had concluded bus 9 was going to be the last of this challenge (3 squared!) and that was the 281 to Tolworth. I got off the bus at Trafalgar Road / Prince of Wales (named after the pub), and immediately saw a bin that said "Oh no!" written on it.

I then walked back to Twickenham Green and caught the 490 to Richmond Pools in the Park, as it was in the direction of home, and that was my 10th bus of the day.

I had my doubts about doing this challenge, as I tend to not enjoy buses as I get anxious about where to get off the bus, and when the next bus is coming and so on, but I found this challenge quite relaxing, being able to just get on the next bus and off again soon enough. I would probably do this challenge again, but with a higher number for n.

1. Richmond Bus Station: 493
George Street
2. Richmond Station: 190 to West Brompton.
Richmond Circus
Sheendale Road
3. Manor Circus: 493 to Manor Circus
Richmond/Manor Road: 493 terminated.
4. Manor Road: 493 to Tooting St George's Hospital
Manor Circus
Sheendale Road
5. Richmond Circus: R68 to Hampton Court
Richmond Station
The Quadrant
6. Richmond Bus Station: 490 to Heathrow Terminal 5
Cresswell Road
Cambridge Park
7. St Stephen's Church: 33 to Fulwell
Marble Hill Park
Orleans Park School (Closed)
8. Lebanon Court: H22 to Hounslow Bell Corner
Twickenham/King Street
Heath Road/Copthall Gardens
9. Heath Road/Grove Avenue: 281 to Tolworth
Twickenham Green
Twickenham / The Prince Albert
Trafalgar Road / Prince of Wales
10. Twickenham Green (this one doesn't really count as it was a bus in the direction of home): 490 to Richmond Pools in the Park.

Map so you can see how I didn't go very far at all.

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You may have driven past me ... I was by Hounslow Bell Corner earlier!

Oh, I used to do this! Walk for half an hour, go to the nearest stop, get on the first bus that comes, stay on it for ten stops, repeat. Thank you for reminding me to do it again!

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