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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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NaArMaMo - Day 27

For NaArMaMo day 27, I decided to use my RAS token, which gave me a 6 digit number every minute. I decided to use it for a spot of experimental travel, and concluded that the photos I took would be day 27's art.

So, for the walk.. I decided that the first time I looked at it, the first two numbers would determine how long the walk should be. The number was 292158, so I decided the walk should be 29 minutes long.

I also decided that the last number would have significance - if it was even, I would go right, if it was odd, I would go left. As it was an "8", I went right.

Then I concluded that the first two numbers would be how many paces I would take until I had to then go left or right. The number had changed, so my first number was "67".

This strategy didn't work very well, but still, I went for a walk and took some photos, so here are some of the photos:

Twickenham Studios:
Twickenham Studios

I liked the way that this part of St Stephen's church looks a bit like plants with teeth:
St Stephen's Church

Some sort of plant:
Outside St Stephen's

A chestnut I found on the way home:

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I like the plants with teeth, (and the above and below photos) - seems random walk turned out all right.

The some sort of plant reminds me of Old man's beard, or 'traveller's joy', but not so much that I'm saying that's what it was, it also looks a bit like lichen.

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