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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Fuck me, did you take that? Great work if so!

Yeah.. such pretty mountains! I said "wow" a lot.

Which part are you staying in, champ?

I've returned to the UK now, but was staying in Wengen, in the Bernese Oberland.

I am hoping mountains will spring up any day now in London.

You can borrow my debt and put it in the freezer if you like. It'll do a job. I'm in the Lakes these days, which is as close as I can get, but I loved Switzerland when I was younger. Dad I think feels he was meant to be Swiss and is jolly bitter about the whole thing, on account of his fetish for watches, chocolate, and money. Unusual lusts, those.

Crumbs, I might have to go rectify that gruyere cheese in my fridge now. It's probably feeling lonely, all far away from home and delicious and such.

I would need to get a freezer first, I suppose. Maybe buying one would solve my mountain lust, and I can build little snow covered mountains inside it?

I walked slowly past the Swatch stall at Victoria Station today, finally recognising the Swiss flag.

Does your dad also have a fetish for watching chocolate money?

If only he was anywhere near so sophisticated or considerate.

Wow! Did you have far to go from where you were staying to get there?

I think that photo was taken from Männlichen, which was just a short cable car ride from Wengen, the village where I was staying.

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